Nitro League

Nitro League

Release Date: N/A

Nitro League is a decentralized game metaverse where the community can earn tokens by racing futuristic cars competitively or exploring the many in-game activities casually.


Nitro League offers some of the most exotic futuristic NFT cars the world has ever seen. All cars in our game universe are built for racing and can be traded in real-world NFT marketplaces. The designs are inspired by different eras, starting from the year 2020 up to the year 3050.

The known universe in 3050 is ruled by “The Supreme Six”. These 6 nations have managed to live in harmony for centuries with an understanding of each other’s differences. Any disputes that do arise are settled the old fashion way - a well-executed sports tournament. The most popular of these sports is car racing, and the best events are hosted at the city of Ethermoor at the Nitro Arena.

When players win matches, they earn RP from the matches and lose it when they don't perform. If the player reaches a certain tier/rank and stops playing the game, there would be a decay in RP which would be demoting the player’s account to help other active players reach higher tiers.

The Nitro League Offers 3 Different Racing Modes For Its Community.

  • Free-to-Play Mode: Practice your skills and get recognized as a racer.
  • Solo Events: Play-to-Earn as an independent racer.
  • Team Events: Play-to-Earn bigger rewards as a Team.
Minimum NFT requirement
Free to Play